Building bikes.
Building connections.
Building a community.

A community bicycle shop is different from a regular bicycle shop. Around here, bike repair is a cooperative effort rather than a way to make money. What we’re doing isn’t just about building bikes. It’s about building relationships and bringing a community together. Our shop space, stands, and tools are available free of cost for anyone who wants to work on his or her bike. And volunteer mechanics are on hand to share their knowledge and experience.

It is our hope that these ideals will diffuse into the social fabric
of Franklinton and greater Columbus.

FCW is a place of co-working and co-learning. We believe everyone has something to learn and something to offer which means no matter who you are, you have a place at FCW. Together, we're building more connected, more empowered individuals and a more vibrant neighborhood. 


FCW believes that everyone and every interaction is valuable.

To help ensure we treat everyone with dignity and respect we have a strong Anti-Discrimination Policy: read about it here.

FCW is also a recycling center. We accept any and all bicycle related donations regardless of condition. We refurbish and re-purpose what we can and recycle anything that’s no longer usable. We throw away as little as possible. Check out this fantastic video to learn more.