There’s a lot to love about
the community of Franklinton.

At Franklinton Cycle Works, we love being a part of this community’s growth and development. This is the oldest community in central Ohio and the original settlement in Franklin County. There’s great architecture, a thriving art scene, really good restaurants and craft breweries, and a lot of wonderful people here. This place has a rich history and we’re proud to join our friends and neighbors in ensuring Franklinton also has a bright future. 


Our bike-building love started in a residential basement in Franklinton. As we saw neighborhood kids riding bikes without brakes and lots of people walking, we saw an opportunity to take our love for bikes and turn it into a community effort, working together with residents to get our community rolling on two wheels. Today, our extensive supply of bike parts, our network of mechanically-inclined volunteers, our open shop sessions, and a growing passion for bikes in general is helping make our vision a reality. Franklinton is a great community and we’re proud to be here.

The Homeless Families Foundation’s Dowd Youth Center made a video about “Safe Spaces” for kids around Franklinton. FCW was featured along with other fantastic partner orgs. Enjoy the video: