WRENCHING is our passion

As a co-op, all members have access to shop stands and tools anytime we're open so you can "spoke for your self." If you're still learning, come in on a Saturday and get help from a volunteer mechanic.

But for those who don't have time to work on repairs themselves, we also offer repair services in three package levels. A Member who's household makes less than 200% of the federal poverty level will receive a 30% discount on all repair fees at check out.  


Freshen Up - $20

  • Chain lube

  • Tire inflation to proper PSI

  • Safety check

  • Tightening of all bolts

Basic Tune Up - $65

  • Front and rear brake adjustments

  • Front and rear derailleur adjustments

  • Wheel and headset adjustments

  • Light cleaning of frame and wheels

  • Installation of new tires and tubes if needed/desired

Premium Tune Up - $125

  • Everything in the Basic Tune UP plus...

  • Hub overhaul and wheel tru

  • Bottom Bracket overhaul

  • Full drive train clean/ rebuild

  • Installation of new grips/tape if needed/desired

*these prices do not include the cost of parts


We like repair packages better than a la carte repairs because bicycles composed of numerous parts and systems that work in concert. Addressing one issue will not necessarily make the bike safer or more efficient.